XERACION VALENCIA is a non-profit youth cultural association created in Gandia (Valencia, Spain) in February 2014 by an enthusiastic group of youth who decided to quit their regular jobs in order to follow their ideals and get out of the current working system which was not fulfilling thie personal and proffesional

Our objectives are:

a) To encourage and facilitate national and international mobility of youth and youth/social workers (especially for groups with fewer opportunities).
b) To expand and improve social cooperation and volunteering projects with other associations both locally and internationally.
c) To empower youth in order to promote critical thinking and sense of entrepreneurship for active citizenship and participatory democracy.
d) To enhance values of tolerance, human dignity, interculturality, solidarity, empathy, cooperation, social justice and social integration.
e) To promote a healthy and ecological lifestyle, and a sustainable development protecting the environment.

In order to achieve these objectives, Xeración Valencia develops and implements projects for youth and youth/social workers in order to improve their daily work and to enhance their European values.

We also encourage and disseminate volunteering amongst the population of the region of Valencia, especially between youth with fewer opportunities.

We organise around 3-4 Youth Exchanges per year about topics related mainly with environmental issues, social/green entrepreneurship (bioconstruction, upcycling, sustainability…) and other topics like youth participation, social justice or equity.

We got our European Voluntary Service (EVS) accreditation in 2015 and started hosting 5 volunteers in our office, sending and coordinating volunteers for periods of 9 to 12 months until 2021 when we got our Quality Label to keep working with European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers for the next years.

From 2022 we are hosting 3 ESC international volunteers and coordinating 9. We are planing to bring 20 ESC volunteers per year (3 as hosting, 17 as coordinators) from 2024.

The projects that we are hosting are related to environmental issues, plastic recycling and upcycling.

While our projects as coordinators are focusing on supporting local communities, related to Roma neighbourhoods, unprivileged schools, centres for unaccompanied migrant minors, social centres and local youth centres from our region.