European Voluntary Service

Non-formal and non-profit management

This EVS project was developed during 3 years aiming to give to volunteers the knowledge and experience in order to be able to start and manage a non-profit organisation. Some of the tasks were:
> creating, publishing and delivering a digital and paper magazine about the association, news from the region, interviews or events;
> creating a new website and keeping it updated, as well as the Facebook page and other social networks;
> helping with the design of logos and promotional materials for the association;
> creating audio-visual material for the organisation, pictures, videos, time-lapse, stop-motions or any others;
> helping to organise and develop training courses, youth exchanges and other activities from Erasmus+ program;
> supporting the creation and development of activities, campaigns and events (environmental, cultural, social…) for children and adults in Gandia and the region;
> promoting EVS and other actions of the Erasmus+ program in order to encourage Spanish youth to take part in the program;

European Solidarity Corps

Supporting Local Communities: environmental issues

This ESC project was the continuation from the previos EVS. We adapted to our new reality and brought some new interesting aspects to our project. This is also our current hosting project where volunteers are developing the following tasks:
1. Environmental (MAIN PROJECT):
a. Precious Plastic machines which transform plastic waste into new and valuable objects.
2. Awareness and workshops
a. Workshops for children with less opportunities and youth from the region.
b. Awareness campaigns started by volunteers about any topic that they might consider relevant in the region.
c. Erasmus+ and other European programs campaigns, info sessions and workshops.
3. Non-formal management
a. Starting and managing a non-profit organisation.
b. Writing and delivering projects based on non-formal education.

Supporting Learning Communities

There is a group of 3 volunteering supporting this school every year (more info about the school: There is a very wide range of possible activities available for the volunteers. Each volunteer is able to create part of their program together with the responsible person from the school, some of the tasks are:

> Supporting teachers in primary and secondary schools in their daily tasks.
> Creating extra-school activities for the project “Patis Inclusius” and delivering them on the afternoons and weekends (
> Supporting Interactive groups and mixed commissions (
> Library and computing lessons, Musical activities and Radio Escalante 329 (
> Creating audio-visual materials (photo, video…) in order to disseminate the activities of the school.
> Writing Erasmus+ projects to deliver within the school or outside about relevant topics.